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  • Bully Report State Self Assessment Results

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  • Resources in regards to recent shooting:

    Dear Parents and Guardians, 
    We are posting information and attachments below from Maureen Brogan, the coordinator of the Statewide Traumatic Loss Coalition of New Jersey. We hope you find this helpful in dealing with the recent traumatic events in Las Vegas.
    Joe Beltramba
    Message From Maureen Brogan:

    Many of you, myself included woke up to a beautiful crisp autumn like morning, a morning that just makes you feel good to be alive.  You may have turned on the news to check to see if this weather would continue.  It is at this point, you may have heard of the shooting last night where a gunman took the lives of 50 people and injured at least 200, apparently the most deadly shooting in US history. On Sunday, October 1st, a gunman opened fire on concert goers at the Route 91 Country Music Festival on the Las Vegas Strip according to CNN news. 

     Attached please find resources on how to talk to children and some resources for trusted adults. The Traumatic Loss Coalition  websites also include information which may be helpful but keys things to remember are:

    • Start to Conversation  (ask your child what they have heard )
    • Make sure you have accurate information
    • Encourage children to ask questions from a trusted adult
    • Limit media exposure
    • Be a positive role model

    Thank you for being the helpers in this world.  Thank you for helping to support or young people in these challenging times.

    Be well,


    Maureen A. Brogan, LPC, DRCC

    Statewide Traumatic Loss Coalition Coordinator



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ALJ Anti-Bullying Specialist:

Mrs. Sarah Badillo
Contact Information:
Valley Road School
150 Valley Road
Clark, New Jersey 07066
Valley Road- C, D, F days- 732-388-7900 x4
Hehnly School- A, B, E days- 732-381-8100 x4
Contact information  District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Anthony Emmons
Clark Public Schools
365 Westfield Avenue
Clark, NJ 07066
3. Self-Assessment Grades from the 15-16 school year, link below (these will be updated in January with the results from the 16-17 school year).



Parent/Student Handbook

VRS School Calendar

Summer Reading Lists (K - 5)

School Self-Assessment for Determining Grades under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights - District and School Grade Report


American Legion’s NJ Educator of the Year


Mr. Beltramba, Principal of Valley Road School,  was recently recognized as the American Legion’s NJ Educator of the Year.  Mr. Beltramba was nominated by the American Legion’s local post.  According to the American Legion, the award is given to educators based on their “leadership and participation in promoting American Legion Americanism programs, civic responsibility, flag etiquette, and patriotism. Accomplishments of the educator must be over and above their assigned duties.”    Mr. Beltramba stated, “I am honored to be recognized by those that we honor. As with most awards, this would not be possible without all that the staff and students do to celebrate our veterans. So, I thank Valley Road students and staff for making our school and our town a special place for our veterans.”   The award is designed to “increase the awareness of dedication and work that educators do in supporting the American Legion programs.

Excitement for STEAM


 Students at Valley Road are very enthusiastic about Mrs. Scarola's STEAM program!  In grade 3, students learned to be package engineers, and in grade 4, students learned about the field of bioengineering. Grade 4 students also learned about physical science by working in groups to create roller coasters.

Honorable Mention in the 2018 New Jersey Association for Gifted Children Student Art Contest


Congratulations to Emily Miekina for receiving an Honorable Mention in the 2018 New Jersey Association for Gifted Children Student Art Contest.  Emily was honored at the REACH (Regional Enrichment Activities for Children with High Abilities) at Indian Hill School in Holmdel on March 3, 2018. 

Visit From Author, Marcie Aboff


Helping Hands

Students in Ms. Czarnecki's computer class used their winning Dojo points to assist younger classes.  These students wanted to lend a helping hand.  They gave their time without the expectation of anything in return.  One by one these young ladies demonstrated one of the greatest gifts that can be bestowed upon another...KINDNESS.


Magformers - engineering


Students learn about engineering and math by using Magformers in Mrs. Scarola's STEAM classes.  The Magformers were purchased through a grant from the Clark Education Fund.

Photo Gallery

Bullying Perceptions

Designing Roller Coasters


Fourth-grade students at VRS learn engineering skills by designing roller coasters in STEAM class.

First Graders Celebrate the 100th Day with STEM Inspired Centers

Not only did the students in Mrs. Sakowski’s first grade class dress up like they were 100 years old, they also participated in STEM inspired centers to commemorate this milestone.  Some activities included were building something with 100 cups, creating objects with 100 popsicle sticks and playdoh, and using pattern blocks to form the number 100. 


Sending Valentine Cheer

Students from Mrs. Pinto’s class and Mrs. Koepfler’s class teamed up to spread Valentine’s cheer to those in need this year. The students created Valentine’s Day cards by hand that contained messages of hope and love for the children who are currently staying at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The students learned about the hospital and how they could help the children who need to live at the facility for some time. The classes discussed how it would feel to miss spending Valentine’s Day with the class and decided that they could try to make the hospitalized children feel like part of our school community. The students said that it felt good to surprise someone with a card that they may not be expecting.


Valley Road's Intergenerational Visit

Valley Road School Honors Veterans in Clark

Newark African Refugee Ministries Trip

Members of the Valley Road School K-Kids Club and Student Council blended community service, global studies, social skills development and fun when they met with child refugees from Liberia, West Africa.

A holiday celebration is held each December at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Newark for members of the African Immigrant Ministry.

The former pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Clark, Rev. Andrew J. Dzurovcik, initiated this program many years ago to assist families who had escaped a civil war in their homeland for opportunities in America.  The new pastor, Pastor Grewes, has continued this work.

The children and other attendees gathered at the church center for a morning of reflection on the season, crafts, pizza, and gift giving. Valley Road School students and parents assisted with craft-making, helped to serve the food for a shared meal, and learned what children have in common - the ability to enjoy one another and to have fun regardless of differences in personal backgrounds.

Valley Road School has participated in this experience through the PTA for many years. The PTA and school collected money, and teachers purchased gifts for the children of the African Ministry.  

For five of the last six years, Valley Road Student Council members have personally assisted with this event. The last few times the K-Kids, the school's community service group, also attended the trip. The students helped to wrap and distribute the donated gifts from the teachers, PTA, and parents.


Andy Warhol Inspires Third Graders at VRS

          At Valley Road School in Clark, Ms. Krick’s third graders focus on a famous Spotlight Artist each month as part of an interdisciplinary unit.  The artist’s work and facts about the artist are incorporated across the curriculum in subject areas such as grammar, math, and language arts.  For example, Picasso’s cubist work helped students understand 3 dimensional shapes in math, and Norman Rockwell’s “Rosie the Riveter” and paintings of soldiers were a perfect fit for Veteran’s Day in November.

            Recently the class learned about Andy Warhol and his contributions to Pop Art.  As a culminating activity, they enlisted the help of the other third grade classes to create an Andy Warhol display in the foyer at Valley Road School. 

            Inspired by Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans,” each third grader created a version of a Campbell’s soup label, with varieties ranging from “Gingerbread Soup” to “Watermelon Soup.”   The labels are assembled in a mural entitled “VRS is a Souper School.”  An array of real cans of Campbell’s soup, donated by third grade families, completes the display.  The soup will be donated to a local food bank, and donations are still being accepted.

            Third grader Danny Gandarez recently asked Ms. Krick, “Are we doing grammar today?”  When Ms. Krick asked why, he replied, “Because I really like looking at the paintings.”

            In addition to Picasso and Rockwell, students have learned about Keith Haring, Rene Magritte, and Frida Kahlo.  Future artists will include Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keefe, and Edward Hopper.


Holiday Surprise

Students Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

Winter Concert

Hour of Code

Honoring Mr. Nelson


Valley Road School honored Mr. Nelson Tavares for his heroic actions saving a student from choking through using the Heimlich Maneuver.  Mr. Tavares, a beloved custodian in the school, was recognized during an assembly where students, teachers, staff, and administrators gave Mr. Tavares their heartfelt praise.  Students from several classes presented Mr. Tavares with thank you cards calling him their “hero”.  Another student gave him a heart-shaped balloon form his class.  The teacher committee, composed of Tony Calandra, Nicole Czarnecki, and Michelle Matesic also presented Mr. Tavares with a certificate of appreciation, a heartfelt card from the staff, and a gift. Valley Road School Principal Joe Beltramba stated, “Mr. Tavares’ quick-thinking and action saved the life of one of our students. We are grateful to have him as part of the Valley Road family.” There were several other highlights of the assembly. One was the 5-minute standing ovation from all that Mr. Tavares received when entering the assembly room.  The other was when Julian Ramos, the child who was choking that day, brought up the card from his homeroom. Julian was all smiles as he personally thanked Nelson (Tavares). Afterwards Julian’s mom also personally thanked Mr. Tavares and gave him a gift from the family. As the assembly ended each student and staff member took a turn to personally thank Nelson as they left the assembly room.

Ms. Grigoli's Kindergarten class learned about the significance of Veteran's Day

Pictured: James Sedelmaier, Anthony Castro, Joseph Blizniak, Addison Castro, Nora Zerella, Connor  Gordon, Lila Stebbins, Emma Perry, and Fiona Genova.
Students in Ms. Grigoli's Kindergarten class at Valley Road School learned about the significance of Veteran's Day and why we celebrate the heroes that have served in the United States armed forces.  Students also learned about the five branches of the military and what it means for families with active members.  To correlate with a previous lesson on shapes, the students created shape soldiers to say thank you to those that have dedicated their time and lives fighting for our freedoms.

Fall Fest

Main Idea Turkeys


As the Thanksgiving holiday approached students at Valley Road School in Mrs. Petela’s second grade and Ms. Kane’s fourth grade classes worked together to create main idea turkeys!  The Reading Wonders program threads lessons through grade levels, so both the second and fourth grade classes were working on finding the main idea. Both teachers read the story of the Ugly Pumpkin written by Dave Horowitz.  After the story, the second and fourth graders worked with their buddies to find the main idea and key details of the story!

Class Pet


Students from Mrs. Koepfler's class are learning about hermit crabs. Mrs. Koepfler received a grant from Petco's Pets in the Classroom which provided the hermit crab habitat and the hermit crabs. Having a pet in the classroom is an enriching experience for students. It teachers students while observing and caring for the hermit crabs a sense of responsibility and respect for life. It also brings a increased sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others. The students have named their hermit crabs and are sharing the responsibility of taking care of them each day. Thank you Petco for your generosity.

Flashlight Friday


Students in Mrs. Sakowski’s First Graders welcome “Flashlight Friday” to their class this year. One of my goals this year is to get students excited about reading. I feel this is such a huge part of making students feel confident and successful with reading. To help do this, I incorporated “Flashlight Friday” to our week. Every Friday, the students get 20 minutes of reading in the dark with their flashlight. The rules were clearly outlined and discussed before starting. Every Thursday before we dismiss, the students always remember and say, “Tomorrow is Flashlight Friday!” I already see a change with the students’ attitudes towards reading and I feel Flashlight Friday has played a huge role in that.

STEAM activity requiring ingenuity and planning

Week of Respect - "Team Building"