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September 4th, Thursday - First Day of School for Students grades K-5 at VRS 

                                               Supervised arrival 8:25 – 8:40am

                                               Homeroom starts at 8:40am

*Parents are welcome to walk their children to their classrooms on the first day of school only. 

Save the Dates
Kindergarten Orientation: Wednesday, September 3rd from 2:00 to 3:00pm at Valley Road School

Back to School Night: Tuesday, September 16th, at 7:00pm


We welcome everyone back to school for the new school year.  Listed below is the information that may be helpful with the changes due to the new arrival and dismissal procedures.

Valley Road Schools New Drive Way

This summer an additional driveway was added to Valley Road School. The driveway will allow the following to take place:

  1. A second entrance to the school at Arrival and Dismissal. This new driveway will be open approximately 6:30am and remain open to 8:45am and again from about 2:30 or so until 3:05pm. The rest of the day this new driveway will be closed to vehicles by gates. This driveway will be one way traffic entering the Valley Road School lot. During arrival and dismissal all traffic remains one way.
  2. This driveway will be used in addition to our current entrance. This will reduce crowding on the local streets approaching the school. Parents may enter in either driveway. When entering the new driveway for student drop off, the vehicle must proceed around the school, drive by the field, around the back end of the school by the woods and proceed to the drop off on the office side of the building by the steps. Before 8:25am cars may stand in line in the right lane and wait for the doors to open. Parents may pass the line to the left if they want to drop off by the steps and leave before the door opens. If people want to wait until the door opens, then they must stay in line and wait until the line starts to move.
  3. Traffic from both driveways will meet at the current entrance area and will have an alternating merge. We ask drivers to please honor this merge.
  4. The new driveway on the field side of the building will have a pedestrian gate that will only be open when the driveway is closed to vehicular traffic allowing students to cut directly across to the field area throughout the school day.
  5. When the pedestrian gate on the field side of the school is closed during arrival and dismissal, our walkers must follow the sidewalk to the lower driveway and cross at the base of the driveway by Valley Road to go to the playground.   
  6. At dismissal if parents wish to go to the playground, they could wait until 3:05pm and cross the pedestrian pathway at the top of the driveway; or before 3:05pm they could walk down to Valley Road and enter the playground from the opposite side.
  7. There will also be additional parking so that that there will be many parking spaces available to parents. The new spaces on the field side of the building will be able to accommodate the staff. This should leave many additional spaces on the woods side of the school for visitors to the school. This will allow parents more accessibility to be able to park in the school lot.
  8. We ask all drivers to give any walking parents and students the right of way. This is most important for our crosswalks. One will be at the base of the new driveway and the other on the office side of the building connecting the sidewalk to Blake Drive.
  9. There will be new drainage to allow the Valley Road sidewalk to remain drier and have less winter ice.
  10. The town is supplying this project so we thank the Mayor and Town Council for their assistance with our traffic patterns. 

Supply Lists for School Year 2014-15

The supply lists are on our website.

 Comprehensive Procedures for Arrival and Dismissal: This is posted under resources and there is also a link below.

Please see the comprehensive guidelines for Arrival and Dismissal Procedures and Safety Guidelines in an e-mail sent to you or on the website under resources - school resources.  A paper copy was also sent to families new to Valley Road School in Grades 1-4 and given at the Kindergarten Orientation on Wednesday September 3rd.


 Anti-Bullying News

As per the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) (P.L.2010, c.122), the Clark Public Schools has posted its Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act grades to the school district's HIB webpage, and to each individual school's webpage. Please feel free to contact Mr. David Geschwendt, Anti-Bullying Coordinator if you have any questions. The grades are on the left towards the bottom of the resources.

Anti-Bullying Specialist - Ms. Nicole Arpino
Contact Information:
Valley Road School
150 Valley Road
Clark, NJ  07066
732-428-1639 or 732-388-7900

Anti-Bullying Coordinator - Mr. David Geschwendt
Contact Information:
Arthur L. Johnson High School
365 Westfield Avenue
Clark, New Jersey 07066
(732) 382-0910, Ext. 3178

Main Office 732-388-7900
To Report an Absence call the main office 24/7
and leave a message or email valleyroadschool@clarkschools.org

Pictured from left to right in both images: Andrew Pereira,
Angel Acosta-Feeley, Anna Ninashvili, and Mr. Malko.

Students at Valley Road School celebrated Arbor Day by planting trees with the help of a school parent and owner of Troy's Landscaping, Troy Malko. Mr. Malko spoke to groups of students from each grade level and explained the importance of trees. Then each group prepared the grounds where a Japanese Red Maple tree would be planted. This tree was donated to Valley Road School by Mr. Malko.

Valley Road School had a visit from two Fencing Champions.  Aleks Ochocki a 4 time NCAA Champion fencer from Penn State University and a member of the U.S. National Team and an Olympic Hopeful visited with his coach from Penn State Jerome Guth.  Jerome Guth was a champion as well, having won the French National Championships.  Jerome is currently the Assistant Coach at Penn State which just captured its 13th NCAA title.  The most impressive fact about Aleks was that he was a former ALJ and Valley Road School Student.

The two presented a workshop for Valley Road Schools Olweus Anti-bullying program.  The students learned how good character such as loyalty, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and honor are needed to be successful in fencing and life.

After the presentation students in grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 each had a workshop session with Aleks and Jerome where they were able to practice the moves and skills of fencing using foam swords.  Students also practiced some of the footwork needed to be successful in the sport.

Aleks and Jerome will be teaching fencing for the Town of Clark’s Recreation department next school year. For more information on the town Recreation programs, please contact Ralph Bernardo at Town Recreation.  Additionally, Jerome and Aleks are running beginner Summer Camp at the Advance Fencing and Fitness Academy in Garwood.  For more camp information visit
www.affafencing.com. Camp Flyers are available at the school entrance.

In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb!

Students in Mrs. Carrano’s class tracked the weather in March to see if it would go out like a lamb. To keep track, they colored one box in orange for each day that was like a lion, to represent a cold and windy day. To represent days that were like a lamb they pasted one cotton ball for each day that was warm and sunny. They found that almost everyday in March was like a lion. The students practiced graphing, counting, and the concepts of less and more. This lesson was important for them to do every morning because it determined if they would get to go outside for recess. If the weather was like a lion no one wanted to go outside. The students in Mrs. Carrano’s class are looking forward to days in April that are less like a lion and more like a lamb.

Photo Caption: Frame 1(left to right: John Michael Lima, Michael Avila), Frame 2(Michael Avila), Frame 3(John Michael)

Mayor Sal Bonaccorso is presenting his new plan to add parking and additional drop off space to the Valley Road School parking lot at a Clark School Board Meeting.  The Mayor and Town Council are providing this project to the school district to help alleviate traffic and parking on the roadways during arrival and dismissal.  This project will also make the school's arrival and dismissal safer and more efficient for parents, students, and staff.

 The Tea Party Comes to Clark 

Fifth grade students at Valley Road School in Clark have been studying the events leading to the Revolutionary War. Within their classrooms they have been put in the colonists’ shoes by paying fake taxes for the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Acts and most recently, the Tea Act. The classes were split into Parliament and colonists, who both had secret meetings about the newly issued taxes. Staying true to history, the “colonists” dressed as the Mowhalk Tribe, stole the British tea, and “tossed it overboard.” Ryan Cotay, the King George of Mrs. Cahill’s class, was outraged by the colonial actions and refuses to let up on his taxes. The students are continuing their learning of history through role playing within the classroom so they have a better understanding of historical events. 

Fourth and Fifth grade students at Valley Road Elementary School in Clark performed “The Wizard of Oz” on Friday March 21, 2014 in front of a sold-out crowd. Prior to their night performance actors and actresses displayed their talents to the Valley Road student body and faculty. Students worked hard for the weeks leading up to the play and were very excited to showcase their abilities in acting, stage crew, music, sound effects, and lighting. The play was directed by teachers Cristina Carrano, Jacqualena Grigoli, Briana Emma, and Bryan Lowe.

Pictured (from left) Alexa Grasso as Toto, Arianna Gonzalez as Dorothy, Matthew Kleczynski as Uncle Henry, and Michelle Kukan as Auntie Em as they act out the final scenes of the play. 

(Click on image to enlarge)

The Valley Road School turns into a Carnival for
"Family Fun Night"

"Family Fun Night" was held on Friday, Feb. 21st. Many VRS families came out to enjoy carnival games, face painting, popcorn & cotton candy! Everyone listened to great music as the DJ raffled off GOLDFISH to VRS students. Jenise & Jorge Tapia worked with "Animal Crackers" who donated 100 goldfish to support our event. The entire school community came together to make the evening an unforgettable one. A special thank you went to the ALJ Key Club members who helped the event run smoothly in more ways than one and to the members of Cadette Troop #361(former VRS students) who volunteered their time to face paint and bring smiles to so many faces!

Pictured here from left to right are Valley Road School students: Emily Sachkowsky,
Amanda Grasso, Isabella Papa, Isabella Scipioni, & Alexa Grasso waiting to win a goldfish.
The picture wouldn't be complete without Principal Joseph Beltramba.

 USS San Jacinto 

First grade students from Valley Road School observed Veteran’s Day by writing letters to sailors serving aboard the USS San Jacinto.  One of the sailors, Juan Caro, has a daughter, Kai, in first grade at VRS.  Kai’s mom suggested that her class write letters to Kai’s dad and fellow service members aboard the ship.  Thinking it a wonderful idea, Ms. Krick invited the other first grade teachers, Mrs. Peitz and Mrs. Spence, to participate.  

Students in Ms. Krick’s class were encouraged to write sentences that expressed their gratitude and well wishes to the sailors and then ask a question.  They also drew a picture about the navy or the armed services, and another about themselves.  Both Mrs. Peitz and Mrs. Spence’s first grade classes wrote a group letter and signed their names.  Mrs. Spence’s students then drew pictures for the sailors.  All the boys and girls were very excited about this project and worked very hard on them.  They were eager to thank the sailors for their service and hoped to make them smile.  The letters were collected and sent to Kai’s dad in late November, with the hope that he would distribute them among the sailors.  At the time, the USS San Jacinto was somewhere in the Red Sea.

In December Ms. Krick was excited to receive several emails from Juan Caro with attachments that included photos and information about the ship.  One attachment was a scanned document in which many sailors took time to give detailed answers to every question posed by the students.  The answers were addressed to the students by name, which was absolutely thrilling for these girls and boys.  There were signatures and messages from the sailors as well, including Kai’s dad, the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Command Master Chief, and the ship’s Chaplin.  The Chaplin placed all the letters in the ship’s learning center for Sailors to read and enjoy.  Mr. Caro also sent Ms. Krick a plaque and a baseball cap with the ship’s logo.  

Suggested Reading Titles
Listed by Grade level and level of difficulty

k-5_suggested_book_list[1] 12-13-11.doc

Library Closed?  World Book online is now available as a resource to Valley Road Students! 

World Book Online 

(Please see your teacher for login information)

From the Principal

Welcome to Valley Road  School. We encourage you to view the messages and links on this page. Username and password (upper right corner of this page) are not required to use the site.

The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Department of Parks and Community Renewal with support from Union County College are pleased to announce: VOLLEYBALL FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES Wednesdays February 15, 22, 29, March 7, 14, 21 7:00-8:00 pm Union County College-Main Gym 1033 Springfield Avenue, Cranford, NJ Registration Fee: $12.00 Call 908-527-4806 for registration information

 Delayed Opening Instructions:
Please Note: Future Delayed Openings will follow these guidelines-
grades K-5 students report at 10:10am.
Lunch period will be held  for  grades K-5 at regular times on delayed opening days.
The Valley Road School Hours:

The student day starts at 8:40am with supervised drop off starting at 8:25am
The student day ends at 2:55pm
The Valley Road School Office is open between 8:00 am and 4:00pm.
we kindly request that people refrain from returning to the building after 4:00

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 17
Thursday, September 18
CHK Back-to-School Night
Early Dismissal CHK Students & Staff
Friday, September 19
am 8:10 SGO meeting with grades 2 and 3 adn Selected Special Area/Small Group
Selected teachers will be notifie.


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